Goodfriend stellt Zusammenarbeit zwischen USA und Ungarn in Frage

Der Geschäftsträger der US-Botschaft in Budapest, André Goodfriend, hat gestern im Rahmen einer Pressekonferenz die Zusammenarbeit zwischen den USA und Ungarn in FRage gestellt. berichtet:

Corruption trends in Hungary could continue to a level where the US could no longer co-operate with Hungary as an ally, US chargé d’affaires André Goodfriend told a Monday press conference.

This is something the US wants to avoid, he said, and that is why the US wanted to help stop this trend.

He specified that the number of Hungarian public officials banned from the US due to evidence of corruption is six. All of them are either employees of the government or are in contact with the government.

Goodfriend made the above comments in answer to a question as to why this case erupted now. He said US diplomats have been warning about worsening corruption in Hungary for a long time, as is clear in various reports.

However, he continued, there has been a negative trend in Hungary for 15 years, and the situation is becoming more serious.