Hillary Clinton in Ungarn: Lobende, aber auch deutlich kritische Worte

Das US-Außenministerium berichtet auf seiner Internetseite über die gemeinsame Pressekonferenz von US-Außenministerin Hillary Clinton und dem ungarischen Ministerpräsidenten Viktor Orbán. Clinton befand sich aus Anlass der Einwehung des Tom-Lantos-Institutes in Budapest.

Mit besonderem Interesse wurden insbesondere Clintons Anmerkungen aktuellen zur ungarischen Politik erwartet. Clinton fand hier, im guten diplomatischen Stil, einige lobende, aber auch deutlich kritische Worte. Einige Auszüge:

The prime minister and I reaffirmed the strong ties between our countries. We are NATO allies, we are economic partners, and we are friends. Our discussion was productive and far-ranging. We talked about our mutual commitment in Afghanistan, where Hungary’s contributions have been outstanding. We talked too about the important work that Hungary is doing at home as well as through the presidency of the EU to ensure that the Roma people enjoy the same rights and freedoms as any other Europeans. And I deeply appreciate the decisive steps the government has taken to eliminate hate crimes against its Romani citizens.“

We are strongly supportive of the prime minister’s commitment to rebuild and strengthen Hungary’s economy. We think that the steps that are being taken to open the economy, to rely more on trade and investment as major economic drivers are absolutely right. We applaud the effort to eliminate corruption that discourages foreign investors and entrepreneurs. And we also talked very openly about preserving the democratic institutions of Hungary and making sure that they continue to grow and strengthen, including providing essential checks and balances.“

As friends of Hungary, we expressed our concerns and particularly called for a real commitment to the independence of the judiciary, a free press, and governmental transparency, because it’s important not only for Hungarians that this great democratic journey that our two countries are on – we for somewhat longer than you – but certainly sharing that commitment that we continue to exemplify democratic values and freedoms, first and foremost for the benefit of our own people and for the transatlantic alliance, but also as examples for those who are struggling to define their own democracies now in the Middle East and North Africa.“

Während Clinton somit die wirtschaftspolitischen Ansätze der Regierung, die Roma-Strategie und die „entschiedenen Schritte“ der Regierung gegen rassistisch motivierte Verbrechen gegen die Roma-Minderheit positiv erwähnt, beinhaltet die Stellungnahme Clintons auch deutliche Kritik.  Gemeint sind hier die Beschränkungen der Kompetenzen des Verfassungsgerichts, das viel diskutierte ungarische Mediengesetz und die seit Mai 2010 des öfteren gesehene Tendenz, Gesetzgebungsvorhaben eilig und ohne echte Mitwirkung der Opposition bzw. bestimmter „stakeholder“ im Alleingang durch das Parlament zu peitschen.

Auf Frage eines Journalisten betonte Clinton:

With respect to Hungary, the prime minister and I discussed every issue that you have raised – the constitutional court, the media law, just the whole gamut of concerns. And obviously, we consider Hungary a close friend, a strong NATO ally. We greatly respect Hungary’s commitment to freedom, the fact that the prime minister has fought for freedom his entire adult life, and we had a candid conversation today. We have encouraged our Hungarian friends to ensure a broad, inclusive constitution that is consistent with its own democratic values and the European values as well. And I underscored the importance, in any government, to enshrine checks and balances. Certainly, we believe in the United States that transparency and checks and balances are absolutely crucial.

And I think throughout the process of implementing the constitution and the accompanying cardinal laws, it is important, and certainly the prime minister made that very clear to me, that he is committed to ensuring that Hungary is very true to its democratic traditions, to protect individual liberties, maintain freedom of the press and the judiciary, and ensure checks and balances. So we had, as I said and as the prime minister has said, a very wide-ranging, comprehensive, productive discussion.“

In der stets höflichen diplomatischen Sprache bedeuten die Worte Clintons deutliche Kritik an bestimmten Tendenzen in der ungarischen Politik.